Morgan Jones

The Morgan Jones company was established in North Carolina in 1872 as a manufacturer of woven bedspreads and other textile products.  They had six plants in existence by the time the chenille bedspread craze hit the country on the 20th century.  Their already established manufacturing capability allowed them to flood the market with chenille spreads and they advertised aggressively in newspapers all over the country.  This may be why the Morgan Jones brand is still highly sought after.  The company was eventually absorbed by Springs Industries in 1963 and the Morgan Jones label ceased to exist.

Morgan Jones was prolific in making all the popular chenille bedspread styles.  Their rosebud and popcorn spreads seem to be most sought after today.  Because they were such a strong brand of chenille bedspread, other manufacturers tried to imitate Morgan Jones spreads but were unable to match the quality that was always associated with Morgan Jones name.

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