Patterns & Styles

Perhaps the most famous pattern found on a chenille bedspread is that of the peacock.  It was the peacock that adorned Dixie Highway in the heyday of chenille bedspreads.  Another popular pattern was that of the wedding ring which was often given to newlywed couples as a symbol of their union.  Remember that Catherine Evans gave a chenille spread to her sister-in-law as a wedding gift.  The heart pattern was also a variation on this.

Other patterns that emerged evoked scenes of the country side where many of the cottage spreads were made, such as flowers, flower baskets, roses, rosebuds, and daisies.

Patterns that represented people were that of the cameo and also the cowboy.

A prevalent style put out by the main makers was the popcorn chenille bedspread.   Just like the name implies, there were rows of little chenille tufts on these spreads that resembled popcorn.

A style that was pretty much in a category all unto itself was the George and Martha Washington chenille bedspread.  These spreads were all white and were tufted in the hobnail style.  These most closely resembled the predecessor to the chenille bedspread known as the candlewick spread.

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Chenille Bedspreads

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